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Improving Quality of Care and Patient outcomes in IBD
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Improve Patient outcomes

ANZIBDC member centres currently provide IBD care for ~20,000 patients which represents around 20% of the population with IBD within ANZ.

Our main focus is to improve quality of clinical care and patient outcomes, and ultimately find a cure for people living with IBD.

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Better Quality Clinical care

ANZIBDC, in partnership with Crohn’s Colitis Cure charity, have developed a new comprehensive cloud-based custom IBD Clinical Management Software called Crohn’s Colitis Care (CCCare).

CCCare is designed with the aim to improve quality of IBD care around Australia New Zealand by supporting patient-centred care, quality monitoring/reporting, better quality and evidence-based clinical care, as well as assisting with collaborative research via a Clinical Quality Registry.

CCCare is now Live at 10 centres with over 4500 patients onboarded. This includes: Royal Adelaide Hospital (SA), Liverpool Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and Concord Hospital (NSW), Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital & Mater Hospital (QLD), St John of God Hospital Perth (WA) and SDHB Dunedin (New Zealand), and will be soon deployed across ANZ.

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Scientific research

ANZIBDC has bio-specimens (DNA) stored on approximately 8000 IBD patients, which are linked to their disease behaviour and therapy over time. Each ANZIBDC site contributes patient DNA, phenotype data and biological samples (such as blood, stool and tissue samples). By pooling these resources, ANZIBDC can undertake more complex and powerful research.


Improve patient outcomes and find a cure for people living with IBD
Crohn's Colitis Cure is a charity specifically dedicated to support ANZIBDC

ANZIBDC is a collaborative research program which aims to progress knowledge and clinical practice in the field of IBD through the combination of both clinical and scientific research, thus improving patient outcomes across the Australian and New Zealand populations. It was formed in 2008 and currently comprises of 17 Gastroenterology centres around Australia and New Zealand, including physicians, nurses and scientists based at these hospitals.

ANZIBDC has also established collaborations with European, North American and Asian IBD consortia who are undertaking similar work and made significant contributions to several international IBD studies.


A/Prof Graham Radford-Smith

Chairman and Management Committee
A/Prof Graham Radford-Smith is the Head of IBD and TPN services, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and an Honorary Group Leader, Immunology Division, Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

Prof Jane Andrews

Prof Jane Andrews is a Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist and Head of the IBD Service at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and a Clinical Professor at Department of Medicine, University of Adelaide

Prof Ian Lawrance

Management Committee
Prof Ian Lawrance is a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Head of IBD, St John of God Hospital WA and Professor in the School of Medicine and Pharmacology, Faulty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Western Australia.

Prof Richard Gearry

Management Committee

A/Prof Susan Connor

Management Committee
Susie leads the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney where she is a senior staff specialist and Conjoint Associate Professor with University of New South Wales

Prof Michael Schultz

Management Committee & Scientific Sub-Committee
Professor and Gastroeneterologist, Dept of Medicine, Dunedin School of Medicine. Consultant Gastroenterologist, Southern District Health Board, Dunedin Hospital

A/PROF Jakob Begun

Management Committee & Scientific Sub-Committee
Dr Jakob Begun is the IBD clinical lead at the Mater Hospital Brisbane and the IBD Group leader at the Mater Research Institute – University of Queensland.

Dr John Nik Ding

Management Committee & Scientific Sub-Committee
Dr John Nik Ding is a Gastroenterologist at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Dr Simon Ghaly

Management Committee
Simon Ghaly is a Gastroenterologist at St Vincent’s Public Hospital in Sydney

A/Prof Miles Sparrow

Scientific Sub-Committee
Miles Sparrow is the Director of the IBD Unit at The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne and works in private practice at Brighton Gastroenterology.

Dr Daniel van Langenberg

Management Committee
Daniel is Head of Inflammatory Bowel Disease service at Eastern Health and Senior Lecturer at Monash University.

Dr Gillian Mahy

Dr Gillian Mahy is a clinical gastroenterologist in public and private practice in Townsville, a large regional centre in North Queensland and heads the IBD service in the region.

Dr Peter De Cruz

Scientific Sub-Committee
Dr Peter De Cruz is a Staff Specialist and Head of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service at Austin Health, and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Réme Mountifield

Réme Mountifield is a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Head of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service at Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia.

Dr Soleiman Kashkooli

Dr Soleiman Kashkooli is the Head of Inflammatory Bowel Disease ( IBD) Unit at Northern Health.

Dr Lena Thin

Management Committee
Dr Lena Thin is a Consultant Gastroenterologist at Fiona Stanley Hospital

A/Prof Sally Bell

Associate Professor Sally Bell is a gastroenterologist and hepatologist, and is the Director of Gastroenterology at Monash Health.

Dr Yoon-Kyo An

Scientific Sub-Committee
Dr Yoon-Kyo An is a consultant gastroenterologist at Mater Hospital Brisbane and Clinical Lead of IBD Clinical Trials Unit at Mater research.

Krupa Krishnaprasad

Project Manager/ Data Manager
ANZIBDC Research Program Manager and Crohns Colitis Care Research Data Manager

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